Bright-ranch®Fruit Powders, Freeze-dried

As you know, Bright-Ranch offers freeze-dried fruits in a variety formats, including slices, dices and pieces of any size. Here, we strongly recommend this series of products – FREEZE-DRIED FRUIT POWDERS!

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Bright-Ranch®Freeze-dried Fruit powder

Bright-Ranch® Freeze-dried Fruit powder, with its perfect performance of low microorganisms which comes from strict control in procurement and production, has been successfully used as ingredients in the challenging food industries such as dairy products, dietary supplement products, etc.

Compared with other drying types of fruit powders, freeze-dried powders don’t need to add any carriers/additives like maltodextrin, artificial/natural flavors. Just one single ingredient. On the other hand, other powders have been oven dried with extreme heat, destroying all the valuable nutrients, but our single ingredient powders are freeze dried, preserving the beneficial nutrients. It's easy to spot the difference between oven dried and freeze dried. Freeze dried powders are vibrant in color, taste and smell while oven dried are..well, the opposite.

Following FD Fruit Powders are available throughout the year

● Strawberry
● Raspberry
● Blueberry, wild or cultivated
● Blackcurrant
● Blackberry
● Cranberry
● Cherry (Tart/Sour)
● Apricot
● Peach
● Fig
● Kiwifruit
● Orange (Mandarin)
● Banana
● Mango
● Pineapple
● Dragon fruit (Pitaya)


Powder -20 mesh   

Physical Characteristics

Good color, aroma, taste like fresh. free flowing

<2% (max.4%)

Water activity (Aw)

Foreign matters
Absent (passing the Metal Detection and X-ray Detection with highly sensitive)

Chemical/biological Characteristics

Microbial indicator (hygienic)
● Total plate count: max. 100,000 CFU/g
● Mold & Yeast: max. 1,000 CFU/g
● Enterobacteriaceae/Coliforms: max. 10 CFU/g
(Each product has different indicators. Please ask for specific product specifications.)

Pathogenic bacteria
● E. Coli.: Absent
● Staphylococcus: Absent
● Salmonella: Absent
● Listeria mono.: Absent
● Norovirus / Hepatitis A: Absent
● Pesticide residues / Heavy metals: In compliance with the laws and regulations of importing/consuming countries.
● Non-GMO products: Test reports are available.
● Non-Irradiation products: Provide statement.
● Allergen-Free: Provide statement


Bulk carton with the food grade, blue polybag. 


24 months at cool and dry storage (max. 23°C, max. 65% relative humidity) in original packaging.

Product Certifications

BRCGS, OU-Kosher.

Product Applications

Ready to eat, or as ingredients.

Bright-ranch®Fruit Powders, Freeze-dried

FD Strawberry,
Pure Powder-20 mesh

Bright-ranch®Fruit Powders, Freeze-dried

FD Raspberry,
Pure Powder-20 mesh

Bright-ranch®Fruit Powders, Freeze-dried

FD Dragonfruit,
Pure Powder-20 mesh

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