Frozen dried scallions from natural materials

Benefits of Green Onions: 1) Supports the Immune System; 2) Helps to Coagulate Blood; 3) Protects Heart Health; 4) Strengthens Bones; 5) Inhibits the Growth of Cancerous Cells; 6) Helps Weight Loss; 7) Reduces Digestive Problems; 8) It Is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory; 9) Effective Against Asthma; 10) Protects Eye Health; 11) Strengthens the Stomach Wall; 12) Lowers Blood Sugar Levels.

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FD Green Onion 

Freeze-dried Spring Onion (green & white)

Botanical Name:
Allium fistulosum

100% spring onion, cultivated in China

< 4%

Bulk carton, PE liner

Shelf Life
24 months (under cool and dry storage)

Ready to eat, or as an ingredient

BRC; OU-Kosher

Popular Items
● Rolls 3 x 3 mm

FD Green Onion

FD Green Onion

We Promise

We will use 100% pure nature and fresh raw material for all of our Freeze dried products.

All of our freeze dried products are safety, healthy, high quality and traceable products.

All of our freeze dried products are checked strictly by Metal detector and manual Inspection.

Our Advantages

① Easy to restore by adding water.

② Protect the activity of heat-sensitive substances, and keep the nutritional value intact.

③ Prevent oxidation, no additives, long-term preservation.

④ Some volatile components in the substance are lost very little.

⑤ During the freeze-drying process, the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes cannot proceed, so the original properties can be maintained.

⑥ The volume is almost unchanged, the original structure is maintained, and the phenomenon of concentration will not occur.

⑦ In a vacuum environment, easily oxidized substances are protected.

Our Mission

We devote ourselves to offering high quality, safe and healthy freeze dried fruits and vegetables, contribute to the health of human all of the world.

We enjoy a good reputation in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. And we have the honor to become a long-term partner of some famous international companies. Now our company has become a well-known and reliable supplier, which can provide high-quality food ingredients in the world.

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