Pride for Bright-Ranch’s FSMS

Bright-Ranch has been implementing its developed FSMS (Food Safety Management System). Thanks to the FSMS, the company successfully tackled the challenges of foreign matters, pesticide residues, microorganisms, etc. These challenges are major issues related to product and quality that are of common concern to the industry and customers. There is no complaint among the 3,000 tons of dried products exported to Europe or the United States since the year 2018. We are proud of this!

The management team is currently reviewing/updating the FSMS. The new FSMS that is more in line with current regulations/standards is planned to be implemented in January 2023 after confirmation/training. The new FSMS will maintain and improve the behavior required by the product safety process and measure the performance of activities related to the Safety, Authenticity, Legitimacy and Quality of products. We welcome all buyers to do on-site audit.

We are holding the following Certificates of quality management or product :

● ISO9001: 2015 - Quality Management Systems

● HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

● ISO14001: 2015 - Environmental Management Systems

● BRCGS (achieved Grade A) - Global Standard for Food Safety

BRCGS monitors food safety by determining, evaluating and managing the risks and hazards during various phases: processing, production, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, handling, sales and delivery in every part of the food chain. The certification standard is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is designed to prevent food-borne illnesses in the US. The Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) is the FDA FSMA program aimed at providing assurance that foreign suppliers of food products meet similar requirements to US-based companies, ensuring adherence to standards for public health protection including safety regulations, preventive controls and correct labeling. The certificate we are holding will help American buyers with purchasing our products in compliance, when they are not convenient for supplier audit.


The Jewish religion incorporates within its tenets a regimen of dietary laws. These laws determine which foods are acceptable and conform to the Jewish Code. The word kosher is an adaptation of the Hebrew word meaning “fit” or “proper.” It refers to foodstuffs that meet the dietary requirements of Jewish Law. Market studies repeatedly indicate that even the non-Jewish consumer, when given the choice, will express a distinct preference for kosher certified products. They regard the kosher symbol as a sign of quality.

● SMETA Corrective Action Plan Report (CARP)

SMETA is an audit methodology, providing a compilation of best practice ethical audit techniques. It is designed to help auditors conduct high quality audits that encompass all aspects of responsible business practice, covering Sedex’s four pillars of Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.

Pride for Bright-Ranch's FSMS1
Pride for Bright-Ranch's FSMS

Post time: Nov-11-2022